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May 2013



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May. 21st, 2013


(no subject)

Dustin and I

Apr. 23rd, 2011


part two

Gerard’s phone rang again as he pulled his van into the driveway of his home. The lights in the front room shone through the cracks in the black curtains in the window, but all the other windows were dark. He tried not to slam the door shut before walking up the rubbled concrete pathway to the old brick house. It wasn’t very big, maybe four bedrooms, but Gerard, Bandit and Lindsey didn’t need much room anyway. He found the house key on his ring and unlocked the door. Lindsey was asleep on the couch, her bangs brushed to the side by the hand on her forehead. The TV was off and a book was sprawled on the floor in front of her. Gerard smiled and held back his fire-red hair when he bent down to pick it up.  He kissed Lindsey’s cheek softly and put the book on the end table behind her. Gerard went to the room in the opposite corner of the house and looked in to find Bandit standing up in her crib. When she saw him she smiled her cute toothless smile. Her dad’s face melted into a grin and she held up her arms for him to carry her.
“No, little girl. It’s time for bed.” He shook his head and started to close the door. Bandit started the low moan that always preceded her sharp cries. Gerard came back into the room and picked her up. The two sat on the floor, Bandit in his lap, while he told her a story about super hero children who fought against bad music and became the most beloved children of all time. Before he could finish his story, Bandy was asleep in his arms. Gerard laid her back in her crib and blew her a kiss before he closed the door.
Lindsey was still asleep on the couch when he came back. He picked her up and carefully carried her to their bedroom. She opened her mouth and inaudibly whispered something but her dream. Gerard laid her on the bed and took off her boots and jacket. Her eyes opened for a moment and she smiled before rolling over and falling back asleep. Gerard tossed her boots in the closet and her jacket on the back of a chair. He took off his own shirt and sneakers, then went to the bathroom. He stared at himself in the mirror. His eyes had lost almost all of their sallow and his skin was looking healthy again. He no longer looked fresh from the grace, but instead full of life, which especially shown through in the bright red mess on top of his head. He pursed his lips at himself and winked in the mirror. Gerard undid his belt and slid his jeans onto the floor, leaving only his boxers. He turned off all the lights and fell into bed beside his wife.

Apr. 21st, 2011


Frerard(?) Story

Everything was how it should have been. Frank was at his apartment on his old grayish-brown couch and Gerard sat across from him on the edge of a wooden chair. His legs were bouncing up and down as he stared at his palms. Frank had one arm behind his head so he could see Gerard. A few clean, but well worn, feet of carpet were between them.
"I don't know. It feels like we should tell them." Gerard bit the right corner of his bottom lip. Frank shook his head.
"No, Gerard. What they don't know won't hurt them." Gerard took the key that hung around his neck in his hand. Outside cars were driving by and a teenage girl walked her black lab on the sidewalk across the street. Frank closed his eyes and put his free hand on his chest where he could feel through his shirt the padlock the hung around his own neck.
"Anyway. It would mess everything up. We can tell them later."
"But, Frankie, I want to be able to talk about it in public, and you were so excited earlier."
"Gerard, you know Lindsey and Jamie won't like it, we have babies at home."
Gerard pouted and threw his hands in the air. "Lindsey doesn't control me." He crossed his arms across his chest and watched the teenage girl walk her dog around a corner. "I want to be able to do that!" he said pointing at her.
Frank glanced outside and nodded. "I know, me too." A soft whimper came from the back door. Gerard stood up and went to open the sliding screen. He picked up a fist-sized ball of fur and slid the door shut again before he walked over to Frank. He set the puppy down on Frank's chest. It toddled up his shirt and licked his chin. Frank smiled and rubbed the puppy's head.
"She still needs a name," Frank said. "We should name her soon."
"Not if I can't tell anyone about her. If she has a name I won't be able to keep her a secret."
"What if her name was Secret?" Both men looked at her. She was sitting on Frank's chest wagging her entire body because she didn't have much of a tail yet.
"Secret. I like that. That could be nice. I still want to tell people."
"Just wait a week. Then we can tell." Frank put Secret on the floor and she ran to Gerard's black sneakers that were under the chair he had been sitting in earlier. She jumped inside of one and couldn't get herself back out. Gerard gently picked her from the shoe and carried her over to a cage with a padded dog bed covered with a blanket inside. He locked her inside and sat back in his chair.
"I guess I can keep Secret a secret." Gerard grinned at Frank just before his phone's most obnoxious ring tone went off: I Want Candy. "It must be Lindsey." Gerard flipped open his phone and walked toward the front door. "Hey babe...No, I just left Frank's. I'll be there soon." He turned to wave good-bye to frank and left with a wink.

Frank woke up hours later to Secret's chirping. He sat up and looked around. His old apartment was grungy and the walls weren't white anymore after all the years he spent blowing coarse smoke through the rooms, but it still felt like home. Jamia didn't exactly like that he still had it, but they used it as a practice space and he always crashed there after gigs that went a little too late so as not to wake up Lily and Cherry, his two baby daughters. Secret started whining louder. Frank pulled himself from under the blanket that he didn't remember getting and crept off the couch and over to Secret's cage. He unhooked the latch on the door and she pushed herself out before running to the door. She tripped over her small legs three times before sliding face-first into the back door. Frank giggled at her before letting her out. The yard was only a few feet wide, just enough room for two, or three if you needed, people to stand out and take a smoking break. A rusty chain-link fence kept Secret from running somewhere she shouldn't. Frank turned around and went to the kitchen to get her more food and water. He left the door open for her tom come back inside. He yawned and scratched a fresh tattoo on his stomach. Secret bumped into his foot and looked up at him. Frank reached down to pick her up and carried her to her full food and water bowls.
"Maybe I'll get a tattoo of you next. That would be manly. And Lily and Cherry wouldn't be jealous at all, yet. Plus Jamie would love it," Frank sarcastically said to Secret. He checked his phone for the time. "Better get home. Gerard will be here in the morning." After Secret went outside one last time, Frank put her back in the cage and locked the apartment door behind him to go home to his wife and daughters.